More San Francisco

The short version of Sunday: in San Francisco, the kids woke up SO early, then eventually we had a lovely brunch at Toast (with Shar, Andrew, and Joshua) and the food was awesome, then we walked 20 blocks to amazing Dolores park with the fantastic city views, (then I ducked out to go to the yarn store!! They’d had a massive run on pink yarn but I found a gorgeous superwash merino option in the sale bin! score!!). Took a super short muni ride back, then lunch at Shar&Andrew’s, a nap (with complications, so much pot smoke from the downstairs neighbors), ice cream with shar, then pizza for dinner. but pictures are so much better, so away we go!

At brunch, we were all delighted by Sharon’s Belgian waffle that showed up with a castle of whipped cream on top. Pretty generous portions for the rest of us, too! Delicious. Great company.

A quick bathroom break back at our place before the big expedition. The sunglasses crew (a big deal for the Seattle kiddos who haven’t worn these glasses in 5 months):

At the edge of the park, waiting for the muni to pass so we could cross to Dolores Park. (Claire was too excited about the muni arriving to turn around.)

Well, she tried:

Sisters, their kids, and San Francisco looking gorgeous.

Claire knows the way to the playground!!

Henry in his element.

Claire on the superwide slide.

Henry on the super long/curvy slide.

Apparently (I wasn’t there, I was at the yarn store full of people trying to find yarn for PussyHats for the march the following weekend.), Claire tried to climb up, got stuck, and Andrew helped get her back on her own feet.

Claire on the huge slide.

Family photo. :-)

(The minutes before a huge playground blowout. Bummer. Babies and their timing! And then Claire got tired and started getting hurt. Time to go!)

Joshua’s first MUNI ride!!!

Henry loves a transportation-related photo op!


Claire campaigned to hold Joshua!!

He wasn’t quite in the mood – another try later, perhaps. Reading with Andrew.

And then terrible timing, just as the pizza arrived, she asked again. But Shar said yes!! Claire snapped into baby mode, got her babies, sat criss-cross, then arranged them on her lap with the comfiest brown pillowcase on top. Meanwhile, Joshua does his tree frog impression.


Claire, very serious and intent on Joshua. Joshua, like babies before him, fascinated by the camera “click”.

A Henry kid to hold a foot and command attention.


(I think it’s so hard to delete baby expression photos. What if this is the only one you get of a face he makes all the time?)

Henry holding alert little Joshua, and admiring his tiny nails. Claire adjusting Joshua’s toes.

Joshua pointing, everyone attentive.

Gracious, he’s adorable.

Finger chords (and Henry is, too).

The second before we all told him not to touch the top of Joshua’s head.

Rescue/aka time for the kids to get up at the table for dinner.

I got to swoop around with an attentive, adorable little Joshua all dinner. We figured out what time it was, admired the rug, contemplated the edge of the couch. What a treat he is. Babies are so fun to hold and rock and babble on to.

But then people finished eating, and Claire asked for another turn, with Joshua sitting in her lap. Cousin, cuteness!!!

On the way home, the kids loved the lit-up church, and the enormous hydrant.