Saturday fun

Shawn and Sanna came over on Saturday so that Shawn could help Kevin reinforce the floor from the crawlspace for our new fishtank! I was so appreciative – I continue to hope I will never have to go down there. Here they are suiting up with goggles and masks:

Poor little William the cockapoo was sort of freaked by the bright white suits and had to retreat between Sanna’s legs:

(He also wasn’t such a fan of the sound of drilling beneath the floor. Poor puppy.) I definitely feel like I got the best end of the deal – got to hang out with Sanna and hear how their wedding planning is going! Meanwhile, Shawn and Kevin finished up in about three hours – pretty impressive (speed and stamina). Shawn was also remarkably cheerful about the chance to do real physical labour – talk about putting the bright spin on things.

Pembroke vest!

This one’s just been waiting for buttons and a good blocking for the last three and a half weeks.

This was a simple project that turned into a much longer one. I’d originally started knitting the six month size, then realized in December after finishing the back that it would be way too small. So I cast on, in the round this time, for the 12 month size. The yarn (Dream in Color Classy, color is Go Go Grassy, exactly as in the pattern sample) is so smooshy and fun to work with. I was expecting the color to be slightly more saturated, but now that my eyes have adjusted I’m a huge fan of the result. I was also expecting to find buttons in the brown/red/orange/wood family, but ended up going for ones that just blended in – subtler was better. The yarn color is funny – I really debated because I loved the sample but thought that part of what made those photos work was having a baby with that red-gold hair color. I did not think our baby would fall in that type, so would the green work? Ordered it anyway, and lo and behold, his hair is reddish blond. :-)

Here it is on, front:

And back:

A great knit!