A fascinating discovery in Sonoma: artichokes growing look like this (which I knew already)

But when they bolt, you suddenly have these seven foot tall florescent purple wonders:

Apparently they’re part of the thistle family, which makes sense I suppose given the fluff you have to remove to get to the heart, but Kevin and I thought they were so neat.

Pajama pants

I finally finished the last steps (the bottom cuff, the elastic) of a deceptively short project that was several weeks in the works: lined cotton pajama pants for the baby.

A shot of the lining from the cuffs:

And some waistband detail:

They’re adorable and perfect, except a good two inches short at the waist in the back. I traced and munged together several shorts and pants that do fit to make these, but clearly I need to tweak. Disappointing. Once I remotivate, I’ll have to go back and fix these, since they’re so cute.

Birthday, company

Kevin’s good college friend Greg was in town briefly on Sunday, so we got to see him for the late afternoon and dinner. Henry was initially dubious but Greg was great with him and he warmed up very quickly. (Contrast to the fact that he’s started crying when the other parents come into the daycare room – stranger anxiety has apparently kicked in.)

The adults had margaritas, and the kiddo worked very hard (and ultimately futilely) to remove his sweatshirt…

Before Henry headed to bed, we got a sun-dappled family portrait in the backyard on my 29th birthday.