I made a hat!

I finished the first pair of skeins of Noro just after we got back from Philadelphia, and so I took a break mid-scarf to make a matching hat with the beginnings of the second pair of skeins.

A good picture was hopeless, since the silk in the yarn is so reflective and we have zero natural light here (two weeks from today the daylight will start to return!!). I’ll have to remember to get a good photo later in the winter.

The hat was top-down. I knit the body on #7 needles, increasing as described for the Thorpe hat, and then kept going until I had 110 stitches. I knit until it was almost long enough, then switched to #6s for six rows of 2×2 rib and a castoff row. It fits nicely. Now back to the scarf!

(But first, a closeup of all of that shiny, multihued silk: )

Hopping on the bandwagon

I made an executive knitting decision that the Sunrise Circle Jacket was just too much math and counting to be a good trip knit (I’m nearing all of the increases for the front, and my row gauge doesn’t match what’s required, so I’ll need to recalculate all of the increases -– a mess). While I was pondering what to bring instead, the Yarn Harlot made an irrefutable case for knitting the Noro Striped Scarf. I’d been hoarding a yarn store gift certificate from Kevin’s family for my birthday last year that covered the yarn perfectly, and now I’m knitting away. Choosing yarn was very difficult, since a skein of Noro is essentially a mystery, colorwise. I tried to find colors I liked, and nothing too neutral, but you really never know. Two skeins of each colorway, hopefully enough for a scarf and a hat.

I meant to just start and be sure that my needle size was right, but the color shifts are alluring and I got several inches in.

The yarn feels wonderful (soft and smooshy), and the sheen from the silk is amazing. What a great, fun knit, at the perfect time of year, and I’m so happy that I can show off the gift purchase to Kevin’s family since we’ll be there in two days! 🙂