Looking for Ideas

I have 290 yards of a gorgeous color of Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca & Silk (it’s a 50-50 blend), which was a birthday present from Amanda.

I’m looking for pattern thoughts. Any ideas? I was thinking possibly a long version of these. The gauge for the yarn is 5-6 st/in. For the moment, it’s been hanging out by my computer so that I can pet it as I go by (so soft!), but it would be nice to have a project in mind for it. :-)

The Friday roundup

This has been such an exciting and fun week, but busy and not conducive to pictures. So, a recap: Pearl Jam at the gorge, skipping the company picnic due to the extreme heat, lots of wedding conversations, envying the fish. (We only have one fan, and the greater Seattle area is completely sold out. The fish’s water can’t get much over 82 degrees, and the best way to keep it in check other than buying a $200 chiller is evaporation. So, cool fish, sweltering us. Note to self: buy fans this weekend.) Plus, busyness at work, errands, ring researching, and Stitch n Pitch!!

Note knitting clutched in ring-bedecked hand. :-) I only made it through one row in nine innings. It’s a good thing that no one depends on my knitting ever being finished.

It seemed like a good turnout, and knitters accounted for a lot of three sections. Good fun! The eastside stitchers made a good showing, and it was fun to get to see Laura again and meet her baby in person. Very cute!

And a final picture (all of these were taken by Diana — I forgot my camera, and traffic was too miserable to go back for it. Thanks, Diana!!), to prove that we were actually at the game. It was a romp (Go Blue Jays!) and it was fun to see all of the Canadian flags flying in the park.

Good fun, I hope they do it again next year.

An eventful start to the weekend!!

So when I said that 25 seemed like a “big” year, I wasn’t expecting the fun to begin quite so soon… (!)

We were having friends over for birthday cake and the red sox game last night, and Kevin proposed as everyone was showing up! :-) Such fun, because then the night was doubly a celebration, and it was so great to have good friends there to be so happy with us. The ring is just “for now” — $4 at Clare’s, but now we get to go ring shopping together! It keeps flying off, since it’s way too big, so I rigged a bracelet/leash for it until the real ring appears. :-D

Some tank photos

I snapped a few quick pictures of the tank last night, since things looked so neat in the “twilight”. (Our daylight lighting is composed of a mix of blue and white light. For about forty minutes at the beginning and end of the day, the white lights go out and everything in the tank looks fluorescent under the blue-only lights. It’s kind of like having a blacklight.)

The first is our Montipora (with the ever-inquisitive Click in the foreground). Earlier in the spring, our calcium had lowered to almost nothing. Kevin (very clever kid) spent a while eliminating potential issues before he identified the problem and since May, he’s been dosing aggressively to push the calcium back up to a healthy level. This montipora was showing the most negative effects from the plunge — all of his mouths were closed, and the pink was actually retreating. He’s come back completely, and is now actually growing. (You can see the white new growth at the tips at the upper-left and upper-right! yay!)

It’s so frustrating when creatures in the tank aren’t looking healthy, because it can be so many different factors. Most of it is trial and error. Is there some trace element built up in the water? Missing from the water? Is the lighting too much/not enough? Is there too much/not enough water flow? Are the ailing creatures not getting enough of the right kind of food? Are two corals too close together? (Corals use chemical warfare as a defense system.) Is something (fish, crazy hitchhiker crab, unknown tank inhabitant…) eating or pestering someone else? Is the temperature too high or low? Does this creature expect a greater depth (and thus higher water pressure)?

So many different possibilities to ponder, and since our little tank ecosystem is all a web, tweaking one thread can affect many of the other variables. I’m so glad that Kevin figured out the calcium piece and that it’s been a pretty straight-forward fix.

Our one guy who’s never seemed to have these issues is the leather. He keeps growing merrily, and looks particularly amazing in the blue light:

Oooh. :-)

Happy birthday-week to me

I turned 25 yesterday. It’s such a nice solid, momentous sort of number. After a few years of meandering, non-event ages (23? what happens at 23?), it’s kind of fun to have a year that really sounds like it means something. :-)

Since Tuesday isn’t a great day for large scale celebrations, I meant to spend the night quilting, and just put off the celebration until the weekend. Instead, I got to spend the night talking to a long roll of friends and family, which was so much fun. I almost never get to talk to the east coast crowd during the week, and it was so good to catch up with people. Kevin was out, so I didn’t have to feel bad about delaying dinner or plans between the two of us, and it was just a fun evening. (It actually bears remembering for next year — an alternate date celebration is probably better so that I can do my fun phone call roundup.)

So, tonight, birthday-plus-one, I finally got to break out the sewing machine. My progress before bedtime was pretty minimal, so here’s a photo for ambiance. The buds that broke off from my birthday flowers (yay, Kevin!) are in the background. So pretty! The pictures I took of the full bouquet didn’t really come out with the flash, so you’ll have to imagine the rest of the various pretty pinks. :-)

Here’s to 25! May it be as important a year as it sounds like it should be. :-)

Halfway there!

I’m finished with the back of my twist top tank!

(Sorry for the bizarre perspective — it really is even in real life.) I worked on it fairly steadily in Pennsylvania, and finally finished the shoulders last night. Though I was following the pattern, and my guage is on, it’s very long and skinny. We’ll have to see what blocking does for that. Now on to the front!

Playing catch-up

I didn’t mean to go all AWOL on the blog-posting, but it was the product of a busy last two weeks of work before Kevin and I headed back to the east coast for vacation. First we headed up to Lake Winnepesaukee, NH to see my parents for their 30th anniversary, then (maximizing the benefit for the cross-country travel time), we flew down to PA to see Kevin’s family. I even brought the card reader for my camera, but somehow never got around to posting… oops. Since I had pictures, I’ve gone back and filled in some posts from the trip.

Here’s to more frequent posts! :-)