And even the buttons are sewn on!

I finally finished the flower sweater! An Olympics knit that turned into a Downton knit that has just kept going and going, but delightfully. This was originally supposed to be a 24M size, but I was generous in resizing the pattern to match my yarn, and I think realistically it’s going to be closer to 3T. I love the way it turned out – the colors, the yarn, the pattern. I wish the shoulders were a smidge less 80s, but the rest is so cute that I even forgive it that.

The yarn I ordered for the green button-fastening i-cord looked spring-green online and turned out to be more of a poop-gold in person. Bummer. I substituted wool in a different gauge, but it’s proven for being machine wash and dry, and I think the jewel tone and slight variegation is gorgeous. Win!

The buttons have a faux-shell veneer, and I played up the white yarn with several knots on the front side. I think they’re great. I had about 9 things I was looking for in buttons, couldn’t quite find any of them (wrong size, hand-wash only, not enough on the rack, etc). These were a surprise find at the last minute and I love them.

And the Yarn Harlot posted a great blocking refresher a few days ago, and I’m so glad she did. I always block but it rarely turns out this beautifully.

Colorblock dress

This was a LONG project (at least six months, on and off), but I finally finished the little colorblock dress!

I’m delighted with the way it turned out. I didn’t have a pattern, I was improvising (I used one of her store-bought sweater dresses as a very rough sizing guide for an 18 month fit, but this was mostly made up as I went). It was my first time trying crochet as a surface embellishment – it took a few tries to find the right size hook and get the knack of it, but I really like the way it turned out, I will do more of this. Here’s the back:

What WILL I do with my knitting time, now? Maybe finally knit that nativity set?

Flashback: Finally done the striped sweater

[Catching up in Fall 2012 on the missing posts from Fall 2011.]

I finally finished the striped sweater, and did a photo shoot so that I could post the finished result to Ravelry. Verdict: it fits, and I genuinely like the back, but the stripes plus shawl collar on the front is way too loud, even for a two year old. I really doubt that this will get worn. But it’s done! So, hurrah.

Flashback: More acorn hat photos

[Catching up in Fall 2012 on the missing posts from Fall 2011.]

Outside in the damp on a day cool enough for the hat, but warm enough not to need a jacket.

I love the gnomish shape of it – I miss the cuteness of last year’s little blue gnome jacket. This isn’t quite the same but still strikes the same chord.

Good detail of the cables, too.

Meanwhile, my additional yarn for the cuffs of the striped sweater came, and as feared, it’s a really different blue. I debated for all of two minutes before ripping out all the cuffs to reknit in the new color, so that they at least match each other if not the sweater stripes.

I can’t decide if I’m losing enthusiasm for this project. I’m still enjoying the process, but increasingly less confident in the results.

Flashback: Acorn hat

[Catching up in Fall 2012 on the missing posts from Fall 2011.]

The acorn hat is done!!

To call it a bit ad hoc is an understatement. I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked on ravelry, so I ended up improvising a roll-brim bottom with a woven cable top. The decreases and cables were a little bit crazy, but I opted for a goal of “effective” decreases instead of “perfect” cable management and I’m really, really happy with the result. Fits well, too!

I wanted a slightly pixie top, and this fits the bill perfectly. Also good ear coverage – important since he’s outside so much.