Another bonnet to be

The roses I cut on Sunday from the backyard continue to be gorgeous on the table six days later.

After breakfast, Kevin offered to give me sewing time (this project has been on the back burner for a while, for a friend’s baby that was born a few weeks ago). So I cut fabric, and couldn’t resist a picture with the “matching” roses before heading off to go sew.

Newborn bonnet

We’ve reached that stage of pregnancy – here’s a grapefruit on the counter modeling my latest project.

It’s reversible.

With piping on both sides.

I loved this pattern – surprisingly simple to sew, even though the store bought binding looked terrible, and my replacement home-made binding should have been wider (I was almost out of the pink fabric, though, so it will have to do). This is a “pictures don’t do it justice” item, not because the detail is lacking, but because it looks so very tiny. Impossible to have something that teeny not look adorable.

Wonder if it will fit? If it does, it probably won’t for long. I’ll definitely have to make more in bigger sizes.

Pants! (Almost)

I stopped by the craft store today to buy ribbon, and noticed a display of dishtowels. For some reason (and despite needing another project like I need a hole in the head), they looked like the perfect material for baby pants, so I chose a bunch and brought them home. H got a few new pairs of 6-12 mos or 9 mos pants for Christmas, but all of his 6 month ones have suddenly turned into capris, so it’s a timely project. I decided to make lined pants with an elastic waist. I used one of the pairs that currently fits to cut the pieces.

I love the linings (from my stash, no less) and I think I did a really nice job sewing them in. The sewing was easy but I didn’t pay good attention on the first pair and had to rip out 6 of the eleven seams. Dumb mistakes. The second pair flew, but the machine woke up H (oops). I got him settled back on the couch and then gave up for the night with only one pair done.

The only sad part is that they of course don’t fit – too narrow at the top. I’m mulling possible fixes – a panel down each of the sides of the legs would do it. The only question is whether to go buy more dishcloths, or to substitute something (fabric? ribbon?).

What do Lions say? Rooaaar!

The lion costume was finished in time for work Halloween, but we didn’t get photos until Sunday. (It seemed like he’d be happier in the Moby wrap in his pumpkin hat than in full Halloween getup for a few hours, so I brought the costume and baby separately and everyone though he was cute in his hat and cute that the costume wasn’t on. Hard to go wrong when there’s a baby smiling at people — the ultimate distraction.)

He had been low on naps, coupled with a nice full stomach, and so he was out by the time I got him into the costume.

Oblivious kiddo with a hood/mane, tail and little paws:

Snoozing with Grammy while I looked at Kevin’s baby books:

Then more snoozing with Pop-Pop and Great Grandmom (perhaps this should be his standard outfit when it’s time for a nap?? Seems to have a soporific effect…).

Must have been an exhausting day on the savannah. Finally, the little lion woke up.

And delighted everyone with the cuteness.

Halloween is nearly here!

I brought the sewing machine in to the family room so that I could start sewing H’s lion costume while we watched TV. (We’d been holding onto a Netflix DVD since March, and finally despaired of ever being in the mood for it and sent it back. Now we’re watching season one of Mad Men — it’s such fun to have an “active” Netflix account again!) Putting the sewing machine on the side table while I sat on the ottoman worked surprisingly well, even if it doesn’t promote perfect posture.

Lots of little paws, a tail, and then cutting and sewing the body and fashioning a hood. I winged it instead of using a pattern which generally turns out reasonably well. (Not professional by any means, but close enough for a Halloween costume). I used a sleeper as a rough guide for sizing on the body. Unfortunately, though, it seems that all of the nursing and sleeping craziness in the last few days must have been a growth spurt (the well known 9 week one?? He must be on his own schedule) since all of the three month clothes are suddenly too small. Lion costume included. I have thoughts on how to add length and girth, but it’s going to be several more hours of sewing and won‘t be ready in time for the parent baby Halloween class. Luckily, Kevin’s parents and grandmother are arriving in two days so there will be plenty of hands to hold H while I finish his costume.

40 weeks, 3 days

We had to document the impressiveness of full-term me:

Seeing this photo, it makes sense why all of the maternity shirts have suddenly become too short in the last week.

In the background, you can see the curtains I made for the baby’s room last night. I reused the fabric from the curtains that I made for Kevin’s office, removed the blue border, and added a new border that matches the crib bumper and ruffle that I’m making. Here’s a too-bright, rather green partial view – I’ll get a better shot once the rain and clouds clear up a bit.