Ooh, buttons!

Today was just a beautiful and crisp fall day, so I took a late afternoon jaunt over to Queen Anne to see what Nancy’s Sewing Basket had to offer. I was looking for a button and some ribbon for my new needle case, black grommets for my felted bag, and possibly material for curtains. No dice on the grommets or curtains (there was some gorgeous blue fabric, but it cost $10.70 a yard… oof, no thanks.), but I found awesome buttons, and passable ivory ribbon, so I’m a happy camper.

First of all, the needle case button: irridescent green and blue loveliness.

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It works wonderfully with my hard-to-match fabric:

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Just “ooooh”.

And then, while I was looking, I came across these great blue stars… Some say tacky, I say Beautiful. 🙂

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