Mad Rogue Progress

I finally finished the hood this morning! This is some sort of record for me: look how much I’ve gotten through in the last 3 weeks and one day. Certainly all of the baseball and debates have been helping, but I’m still pretty pleased. I obviously haven’t blocked yet, since this is curling all over the place (esp the shoulders), and I haven’t sewn the hem in place, but all of the ends are at least woven in. Yay for progress!

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The best part of this is that I finally made myself attempt the kitchener stitch to bind together the cable at the top of the hood. My verdict on the stitch: not impossible, but certainly worth its reputation. I loved the result. I think grafting this way would be a breeze for stockinette now that I have the rhythm down, but figuring out how to make it flow with the cables was something of a trick. I ended up (after a bit of trial and error) just turning it inside out for the purl stitches and working from the inside. It took a bit of work to figure out where to make the turn to make it look right, but on the whole, I think it worked out well. You can only see the seam on two stitches, so i’m pretty happy. 🙂 Hopefully in the detailed hood shot, you won’t even be able to make it out at all!

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