Happy Halloween!

Yay! One of my favourite holidays!

I actually dressed up this year, as we were invited to a costume party. It’s good to know that I’m not too old. I went as a Girl Guide (really, I just wish they’d still let me earn badges. They’re so pretty.) in my uniform from fifth grade. The thing’s a tent, so it wasn’t too tight a squeeze. 🙂 I bought some age-appropriate rainbow colored ribbon to replace the belt, popped into knee socks and sneakers and was good to go. I still say the best costumes permit sneakers. 🙂 True when I was five, still true now.

Kevin went as Johnny Damon (woohoo red sox!!!). In the pictures below, you can see the yarn wig, beard, and mustache I made him in the hour before the party. I’m way proud of them. 🙂

We only got a pair of trick-or-treaters tonight, and they looked to be in middle school. Is that custom completely dead, or do we just live in a block with no kids?? It made me sad. And now we have to eat all the candy. No love.

In other news:

  • I’ve sewn both sleeves to Rogue and attached one. One more attachment and sewing the sleeve and bottom hems and then I’m done!!
  • We set up the fishtank tonight for real! It looks great, but we need to buy salt mix, powerheads, a pump, live rock, and substrate before we’re really in business. Also, our second-hand heater isn’t acting like it’s doing anything. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • Went to Lowe’s to buy stuff for the fishtank (plywood, a tarp, a ground fault interupter) and also stuff for our bookshelf-to-be. I would like to personally thank Colin for making approximately 25,000 cuts in our plywood with his electric saw. Seriously. The kid rocks.
  • My parents are coming out in a week and two days! Yay!!

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