Trappist Heaven

Kevin had his first beer (I believe I can get this story right) when he was in Amsterdam for Model UN in high school. He had a Westmalle trippel (a Belgian trappist ale), got blitzed, then had to ride by bike back to his host family’s house. He’s been trying to repeat the experience since.

It turns out that there’s a distributor near us, so yesterday afternoon we headed over to Bottleworks in Wallingford (I think?) and picked up some Trappist ales (two bottles of each) for a tasting:

I’m a beer person in general, but these really belong to a whole separate category. Mmm! We split a bottle of each kind while watching the Two Towers, though after the Westmalles it seemed like any more would be wasted on us, so the two Chimays will have to wait for another day.

Here’s the best that we could capture it, given the limitations of my camera timer and the fact that i’d put on my high heels for the occasion and almost didn’t get back to the couch in time:

Not a bad way to ring out 2004! It’s good to be back in Seattle.

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