Hurray for Socks

Want to see one of my favourite things in the world?

New socks! And the two on the left have angora (thank you gap!!) and were on sale for $2 a pair, and the two on the right are all fancy and for boots. Sarah Duggan used to love socks in high school, and I never got it, but what? seven years later? I finally see the light.

Sadly, I can’t claim the same affection for these:

They’re moving along, but I’ve completely been weaned from my desire to knit k4 p2 ribbing for many feet (har har…) on size 2s. The heel turn was really exciting, but that came and went and now i’m just continuing in pattern for 7 inches. All you sock addicts out there have earned my respect.

One thought on “Hurray for Socks”

  1. The only thing that’s making me feel better about socks is that the pipi-long stockings I made my mom are being appreciated… she says she’s wearing a sock liner with them though. I think it’s pretty cold in the building she works in. They look good with her Birkenstocks too!

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