Still no Tang…

Low-key day today. Kevin looked like this within about 8 minutes of getting home from work yesterday — long week. (The pillow was my addition, before that he was face-down on the carpet.)

The only plan for the day was to head to the fish store for another shot at the yellow tang, but we called ahead and they didn’t get any in this week. So, with no new guy, here’s an update on the Xenia.

I’d been having a hard time switching my brain’s classification of corals from “plant” to “animal.” Over the course of this week, though, our Xenia went on the move, climbing up its rock to get closer to the light. There’s a rubberband on the rock which was hidden by the base of the trunk of the Xenia (check out the second and third pictures here). Now it’s completely visible underneath as the Xenia climbed upwards. Somehow this pick-up-and-go attitude makes it easier for me to think “animal.” (My mom said that it reminded her of the ents in the Lord of the Rings. 🙂 Our Xenia doesn’t quite have the height for it — yet. It’s grown about an inch! — but very fitting comparison nonetheless.)

The clowns came over to the glass to see what was going on when I got the camera out and ended up blocking the first shot:

You can also see the gramma’s reflection in the background on the lower left. The second shot is better, though the Xenia’s hands are a bit blurry due to the pulsing. 🙂

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