Thanks to the blogger people!

There are all sorts of opinions on why google is a great company (great search algorithms, great stock price, etc…) but I like them because they listen to feedback. I’ve had gmail for about 8 months, and I’ve written them several times with things I wanted. They used to have a pull-down menu with “Move to Trash” right next to “Report Spam” and I kept hitting the wrong one with my mouse and I’d never hear from the sender again unless I went back and checked the Spam box and hauled them out of it. They fixed it. Then after 4 months and many thousand emails, mostly knitting related, I had 4 unread and no way to find them, so they added new search options and fixed that problem. Then, for blogger, I wrote three weeks ago and said that I was sad that I couldn’t see the websites of people who posted, and that I wasn’t crazy about only blogger members being able to comment. And, lo and behold, they fixed it!*

So, if you comment as an “other”, you can type in your name and website (and I can see who you are!), instead of having it link to your blogger profile. Pretty neat! Thank you, blogger!

* not to claim credit, for all i know they were already on my wavelength. 🙂 but either way, it’s still cool

2 thoughts on “Thanks to the blogger people!”

  1. Susan, This is Sarah McNeer. I actually found your blog when a co-worker was bored and did a google search on my name. Anyways, I have had fun reading your blog, and wanted your email. I have a knitting project I am willing to pay you for (if you do commission). Email me:

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