The mustang’s here!

Kevin got his new car on wednesday!!

He’s been driving his grandmother’s old ’93 nissan sentra since just after I met him. It’s been a good car: it’s made it cross-country 5 times (including the move out to seattle!), did countless Boston to PA trips, and served as the fraternity beer car for his senior year. The speakers don’t really work (I’m ususally the queen of song-identification, and even my own mixes are a puzzle to me), and the heating doesn’t go until you hit level 3 and up, but it’s still a good car.

But now, after months of waiting and pining away on the fan websites, his 2005 mustang was delivered yesterday!! His parents took this picture today. I got my rides on the way to and from work this morning — it’s fun to be in a car that attracts so much attention. 🙂 I won’t be driving it any time soon (I don’t know how to drive stick, and I’ll wait until it isn’t so brand new to learn), but I’m glad that his family got their test drives in. 🙂

One thought on “The mustang’s here!”

  1. Holy crap! I LOVE mustangs, always have. Congratulations! I don’t know what’s up with Bloglines, but I thought you hadn’t been updating because of your new job, but lo, you have! Sorry I’ve missed it.

    Gorgeous car.

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