New Yarn!

I haven’t posted in an age, and as a show of contrition: new gorgeous yarn!

It’s slated for Tie One On… I spent a good chunk of time trying to track down the S. Charles Rittrato and the Bouton d’Or Flash, with middling results. I finally found the Rittrato at So Much Yarn in Belltown, and had them hold it for me to pick up. They have such a hugely better selection than when I was there a few months ago!! Still pricey, but lots of great options. I had a lot of fun looking around. The only store I found however that had even heard of Flash was Skeins, which was sad both because they didn’t have the right color, and because regardless I’m not planning on shopping there any more due to the pricing shenanigans. After a lot of wandering around in the yarn store today (poor me! :-P), I settled on using Trendsetter’s Pepita for the accents, instead. I’m a bit concerned with the texture and the amount (only 95 yds, ack), but the color is perfect, and I can’t wait to work with it. 🙂

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