First time!

Here’s the first log cabin “square”, yay quilting:

The colors rock, yet I think something went awry on the assembling, as the end result is 4 3/4″ x 5″ instead of a solid 5-by-5. Obviously more practice is needed. 🙂 I’m in luck though, as the final square count is over 80 so by the end of this I should be an expert. I’m figuring to aim for a square a night, and hoping the assembling will move faster as I get in the groove. Meanwhile, I’m loving the 1/4″ foot that came with my sewing machine (thanks again, Mom and Dad!! — the machine was my endlessly appreciated and already highly used birthday present from last year.)

I’ll try not to post pictures of every new square. 🙂 Though: Kevin was actually amazed at the result. Mad cool. I’m used to a delay and a “huh” when it comes to crafting… 😛

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