The first quintet

I finally got all of the fabric ironed and cut into strips a few nights ago. All of that color sitting just inside the door to the bedroom makes me happy.

Then I got on a square making kick last night, and so here’s the progress:

Aren’t they pretty? I still have yet to make a perfect 5″ square, but someday it will happen. I also noticed that sometimes I log-cabin around clockwise and sometimes it’s counter-clockwise. However, since the point of the squares is to blend the colors, not to create a pattern, I don’t think it matters so much, and I can keep quilting as the spirit moves me.

One thought on “The first quintet”

  1. that’s so pretty! Bekkah, my friend and fellow coven mate is our self proclaimed water baby (pisces) and would absolutely love that!

    some day i will learn to quilt

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