Stitch n Pitch

Last night was Stitch n Pitch, aka knitting at the Mariners Game. The way the story goes, there are some unflappable female knitters who work at the Mariners Headquarters. They’d spend their lunchhours knitting and ignoring the teasing. Then, someone watching them had the idea of selling tickets to knitters as a theme night (the mariners are neither leading their league nor selling out the park), expecting a crew of maybe 40. Instead, they had between 1200 and 1600 people show up (depending which paper you read). Knitters rock.

It seems that as the ticket count continued to mount, the organizers got more and more psyched. They draped the Mariners Moose (does he have a name? not sure?) in yarn, gave him huge needles, and had him throw a basket’s worth of yarn out (instead of the usual t-shirts or towels) to an adoring crowd of knitters. They displayed each of the Mariner’s names in cross-stitch on the jumbotron when it was their turn to bat. They changed all of the crowd-rousing slogans to things like “You hit the STITCHES off that one!” Very cheesy, and very fun, though with $10 tickets the food prices felt particularly ridiculous, and so also very hungry. I ended up in the middle of a slew of eastside knitters and bloggers, including Laura and her husband, Diana and her boyfriend, Rebecca, and Janell and her husband. (You’ll note that the pictures are all of the moose — we were all way up high at the tippy top of the stadium, so attempting to take pictures of the game would have been optimistic. :-))

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