Rampaging Houseplant

Once upon a time, we had a lovely spikey tropical plant that came home from work with Kevin after his team moved and he didn’t get to keep his window office. We turn it now and then since it seems to lean slighty towards the light, but otherwise there’s been no noticeable change in the thing since November. Then, two weeks ago, it started putting out new stalks.

And now, it’s turned into the rapidly growing man-eater pictured below. The next picture was a mere week ago, the second is today. I’m afraid that it will break out of it’s pot. (I’ve heard of that — is it possible?) We’ve stopped watering it in an attempt to subdue it, but so far it seems unphased. We don’t know what it is or how big it’s supposed to get.

After the luck with the cyclamen, I’m turning to all of you again — what is this plant? How big will it get? And is the pot in mortal danger?

One thought on “Rampaging Houseplant”

  1. Uh, that plant- um, that’s like super weird. Keeping it in it’s container may actually help keep it from overtaking your living room and smothering you while you sleep. Keep taking pictures of it, it will be cool to see how big it will get.

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