Never thought I’d see the day

Seven months of truly intermittant progress, and I’m done with the first sock!

Kevin was impressed, and seemed less bothered by the pace of the project than I would have thought. I suppose that he’s watch me meander my way through enough things by now not to have his hopes up. And the sock actually fits him, which shocked me (anything that’s only slightly big on me seems like it would be circulation-stopping on Kevin. However, it seems that the faith that I rather dubiously put in the pattern was justified.) I was most excited to finish in one ball — there was only about a yard and a half left when I bound off the toe. (Perfect for darning later?)

I’ve cast on and knit for hours on Sock #2, and am almost ready to switch from 1×1 ribbing to 5×2, as you can see below.

No one would ever accuse me of being a quick knitter! 🙂

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