More fun with the Fishtank

Kevin went to the fishstore and came back not only with the desired lights and venturi adapter for the maxijet, but also with two little soft corals that we’ve been keeping an eye out for: green star polyp and a gorgeous loose green mushroom that cost $3. The green star polyp has a purple mantle with green star-like hands that emerge (unlike the xenia, no pulsing…). (See the first picture here for another view — they’re beastly hard to photograph.) They’re supposed to be very fast growers, which concerns me a bit. We have rather a bit of that already…

The mushroom is amazing. The green is a copper green color, in stripes radiating outward. In between the green is a mix of deep red and blue. I wish I had a better camera. (The picture on the left is under regular light, the one on the right is under just the actinics.)

I glued him to a rock, slightly under an overhang. Hopefully, he’ll do as well as the still-multiplying red ones.

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