Halfway done

Since the pattern fiasco on Monday, I’ve been working on recovering the progress I thought I’d made. I’m finally back to the shoulder decreases. I won’t have much knitting time tonight, but it’s finally a reasonable goal again to have this blocking by bedtime.

I took a few rushed photos this morning. The color didn’t come out at all in either of them, I think because of the mohair halo. I’ll have to try again later — in reality, it’s the same tone but much darker. So neither of the pictures are stellar, but here’s the progress with the flash and stitch detail (left) and without the flash for cable detail (right).

For all the angst, I’m still enjoying this sweater a lot, and loving the yarn. I’m still not entirely sold on mohair for future projects, but the yarn is so soft and, well, bulky to knit with that I’m not regretting my choice, even though I’ve been covered in grey fuzz for the last few weeks (it looks like I’ve been wrestling a rabbit).

I’ve asked before, but is seaming a bulky sweater any different from seaming regular knits? It seems to me (no pun intended) that sewing everything up with the bulky yarn would create an incredibly thick and obnoxious seam. What alternatives do you know of? I’ve heard of dental floss but I’d rather not (seems like it would show through). I think I remember reading something about using embroidery floss, but I’m worried the elasticity would be too far different from my 85% wool/15% mohair… Any helpful suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Halfway done”

  1. It’s looking great! I love those cables. As for the seaming, I’ve seen people use a lighter-weight yarn in a similar color, but I’ve never tried it. You can also try ironing the seams – that helps to decrease the bulk a bit. Good luck!

  2. Embroidery thread is a good alternative for bulky yarn when seaming. It comes in tons of colors and can be found at pretty much any fabric or sewing notions store.

    Lovely cables!

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