More football fun

Kevin’s mom’s birthday was last week, and we decided to get her a David Akers jersey. Ordering and shipping took a bit more time than we had allotted, though, so I made her a mini jersey to last until the real one arrived.

I made bias tape to finish the arm and neck holes — it was fidgety but added a lot. Then I embroidered the back. (You may not be able to see in the photo, but the 2 was white with silver and black trim — it was fun to get to use my silver embroidery floss — I’ve been hoarding it since college.)

I also made a little football magnet to hang it out of fimo and gold wire — it was baking when I took the photos. The whole thing was a blast back to fifth grade, when I used to make a lot of doll clothes. Good fun. 🙂

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