Friday night fun

Last week was incredibly long, mostly due to work craziness. Lots of late nights at the office (not my norm). Kevin tore his hamstring playing football last weekend (poor him 🙁 it looks incredibly painful, especially after a full day of trying to sit in the chairs at work), and so that’s added a lot of carpooling into the mix since he can’t drive. Add in our typical mess of projects and activities, and a touch of wedding (I think we have a photographer!!), and it was just one of those weeks where I wasn’t feeling coherent anymore by late in the day on Wednesday. (I went through a full pad of post-its trying to keep a handle on things — a feat that usually takes several months.)

So, it really made me feel incredibly happy and appreciated when my team’s manager showed up in my office Thursday evening with a pair of Mariners tickets. 🙂 Such a fun pick-me-up. The seats were great:

And the crowd was a lot of fun. There was some group of teenage girls in matching outfits and taking up several rows out in center field that got a wave going (after a few false starts) that lasted *well* over ten times round the park. They were cheering the crowd on so determinedly — perhaps that made the difference? Here’s Kevin shaking his head at the wave that wouldn’t die:

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