So, the wedding planning is continuing apace, and with it the honeymoon planning.

If you were going to spend a week in, say, Hawaii, where would you go? What would you do? On which islands?

We’re excited about snorkeling, volcanoes, hiking (in the Larry-described “baby hike” genre — a few hours, a few miles, prettiness), happy hour, beds and breakfasts, and beaches. Any recommendations?

3 thoughts on “Suggestions?”

  1. Hi, Susan,

    It’s Marian, I sent you an email awhile back with some ideas. If you didn’t get it, let me know and I’ll resend!

  2. Tell Kevin he should email my friend Sean from Microsoft (his wife and he went there a couple of years ago for their honeymoon). He should also get in touch with Matt from the fraternity; his family used to go there every summer I think.

    Yay for wedding/honeymoon planning : )!

  3. I lived on the Big Island for 2 years, I love Volcanoes National Park but never stayed in Volcano overnight. I know there are both hotels (or maybe just the one) and a bed & breakfast in town just outside the park. Volcano is not as warm as the rest of the island though. Hilo gets 120 inches of rain a year, but Kona only gets 11. So if you choose the Big Island, there’s that to consider.

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