More coral updates

Kevin and I have been amazed at the growth we’ve been seeing in our SPS corals in the last few months. Nothing has changed — we’ve been dosing kalkwasser at the same rate, and our lights, if anything, have grown dimmer, but they look so happy.

Here’s the blue acro.

All of the blue, with brown mouths, that’s showing up in the photo is new growth. How amazing, hmm? The bleached white portion after the storm has grown back, and the guy just keeps growing — I’m shocked each day how much longer he’s become.

(Below, you can see all of the closed purple zoos. We have no idea what the problem is, but they haven’t opened in weeks. It’s a colony of about 70, so the issue is major, but tweaking flow, light, and nearby corals doesn’t seem to have any effect. We’re at a loss.)

The pink monti is equally impressive. He’s growing out as well as up. (You can see a piece that broke off in the lower left, and the yellow montipora plate coral in the background) The light pink portions at the tips are the newest growth.

I manage to hit into him all the time and snap off limbs when I’m cleaning the tank. This 3″ frag was one result, but he’s been growning well since.

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