Sealing the deal

We stayed in Boston, in the Jury hotel, for about a day and a half after our wedding. The hotel was gorgeous. We’d been slightly scared off by reviews of Boston police uniforms, handcuffs and parephenalia in the halls, but location and price won out and the hotel turned out to be luxurious and perfect.

Once we got me out of my dress (an undertaking), we relaxed for an hour or two, and then set out on the town in search of (specifically) hamburgers and champagne. As we grew increasingly thwarted, the list of desires grew to include pasta and fun drinks. After much wandering, we ended up at the perfect American Joe’s Grill on Newbury, which not only had our pasta, burgers, champagne, drink and appetizer, but struck the champagne from the bill when we mentioned we were newlyweds. No camera, but a great dinner.

Sunday we spent with family, then watched the (ultimately disappointing) Red Sox/Yankees game.

It was fun to finally knit a bit and veg. It’s been in short order recently.

I’d held on to my bouquet, and it was lovely in our (already lovely) hotel bath:

Somehow, I neglected to take a picture until right before we left, so the stephanotis are wilting. The bouquet was amazing, though (perfect shape, perfect colors, and well constructed), and the scent was beautiful. My hands shook for so much of the service that I wished the lily of the valley were less tremulous flowers. 🙂

Here’s a closeup of a rose!

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