Restarting old projects

Notice anything?

Namely, that it’s been a solid year, and the fabric scraps and comforter still look like this:

instead of being a nice, pretty quilt on the bed. Luckily, no one who’s seen me work on projects expected faster progress, but I’ve been gearing up to get going again.

On Tuesday, I pieced together my plans, straightened out the strips, and finally started sewing again. Yesterday afternoon, I finished these!

Progress at last! Each of the squares is 5″x5″, and each strip is half an inch wide after seaming.

Before, I had been cutting each round of strips as I went. So I’d cut, sew, iron, repeat. This time, I cut all of the strips for my six squares ahead of time, and then pulled from the existing piles to do the sew/iron repeats. It feels a bit faster (though I do wish the ironing was speedier — that’s where all the time goes). Here are the 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″ and 5″ strips.

And one last parting shot of all the pretty blues next to my desk! Love that fabric!

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