Domesticated kayaks

The kayaks have, to my chagrin, become total indoor pets. They hang in their slings, they hold wedding veils and snuggle up to the hoarded packing supplies from registry gifts. It was time for them to go out and rediscover their niche: water, wildlife, and adventure! 🙂

We headed out on the afternoon of the fourth — rather a lot of adventure!! Between a slight breeze and plenty of boat traffic, the waves were *huge*. We paddled gingerly to the next beach, and then literally surfed back. Lots of fun, if short.

I got to try out my boat cart for the first time. It is MUCH lighter and easier to handle than tromping the whole boat down the hill. That part is a relief. I’m going to have to learn to get used to other bits… It is quite tricky to load the kayak onto the cart (there’s no kickstand, so the wheels roll wherever they please), and I had to stop to retighten the strap, but we realized midway down the hill that I had used the kayak leashes (made of thin elastic cord) to anchor the boat to the cart, so it might be a lot easier when I buy a real tie. 🙂

Our conclusion after lugging the things up and down the hill was that the “in & out of the apartment” is still the most difficult and stressful part by far. They have to come off the rack, around the fishtank, through the front door, and down from the 3′ high deck with a railing. It’s a lot of 90 degree angles and fear of property damage. Once again, I wish dearly that we had a garage.

Kevin was holding off on buying a cart, but it’s about a third of a mile down to the beach, and his boat is heavier than mine, so he (thankfully) succumbed to massive peer pressure and bought a cart, too. His cart rests under the cockpit of his boat, instead of under the stern, which may make it truly light to heft. It’s supposed to get here on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to weekends, and entertaining hazy dreams of kayaking before work when the lake is flat… maybe? Neither of us are expected until 10, and it gets light at 4:45, so it’s certainly a possiblity.

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  1. I once had a exercise bike which became a tie rack. Hopefully you will enjoy more of the intended use from your living room decorations.

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