Oh, 2007

I know that the new year is going to bring new things – my job sounds like it will be changing a good bit, some friends are leaving Seattle while others are returning, we have half a million house projects on the horizon – but I’m so sad to see 2007 go. And, for that matter, I still miss 2006. The last two years have seen a new career path for me, two new jobs for Kevin, one fishtank redesign, one fishtank move, a proposal, a wedding, a honeymoon, 6 trips to the east coast, 1 roadtrip to Wyoming, 4 visits by family, a slew of wonderful wedding gifts, two friends’ weddings, 3 house inspections, 2 offers, and 1 new home, a finished quilt, uncounted finished knitting projects, 4 babies born to friends and family, and many, many bunches of farmers market flowers. I’m reasonably confident that the new year will not jinx this fantastic roll, but it still makes me sad to bid farewell to 2007. I feel like there probably aren’t so many years in life that are this happy.

I don’t think I have any resolutions. There are certainly plans (to walk and bike to work instead of driving, to quilt, to plan the weeks’ worth of dinners on Sunday, to attend our 5th-year college reunions, to finish painting, to redo the kitchen in the fall, to replace windows, to replace light fixtures, …). But for the most part, I am happy and settled, and my projects don’t count as resolutions. I suppose if there’s anything to focus on, it’s taking time to mellow: to read fiction, to not be tied to the endless to-do list.

Here’s hoping that 2008 continues the trend of 2007.

One thought on “Oh, 2007”

  1. What a nice reflection on end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 – may it bring you continued happiness.
    Love, mom

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