An utter trim failure

I’m feeling totally thwarted.

I got all geared up after work to finally go buy trim for the family room. We were able to save about two thirds of what we had orginally, and now we have to match the windows, doors and base trim, plus find something to be a shelf on top of the bump-out. All of the existing trim is 9/16″ thick, and most of it is 2¼”, 3″ or 3½” wide. NONE of these dimensions seem to be findable. The guy at Home Depot said that trim sizes cycle in and out of fashion, so we may just be out of luck. I’m skeptical, but concerned. Also, the bump out is 7″ to 7⅜” (the people who built the room had a very loose interpretation of square…) and boards seem to come in 7 ¼” or 11 ¼” widths, not the 8″ that I want. So, foiled times two.

I really was hoping to buy the boards tonight, cut them all to size with the miter saw (by hand. whew.) tomorrow, paint them on Friday, nailgun them up on Saturday, and then be done by Easter, but this puts a crimp in the plan. I’m going to call around a bit tomorrow before I start getting really discouraged. Keep your fingers crossed.

And I was so close to finishing the top to the quilt, but it looks like I may have measured wrong…


… since the trim for each of the four sides is exactly 1 ⅛” short. I’m perilously close to running out of the light pink fabric, so I’m letting it marinate for a day before I assess the damage. The trim trends just aren’t running the right direction tonight.

4 thoughts on “An utter trim failure”

  1. What if you took a strip of your floral inside strip and put it in the corner to cover that gap? That way it’ll match the floral strip and make it look like you meant it to be – and you wouldn’t need anymore of the pink fabric.

  2. Oh no! Two trim setbacks in one day! I’m so sorry. It’s so defeating to be on a roll and then all of a sudden meet such resistance.

    We had good luck with Dunn Lumber – there’s one by our old house and another in Bellevue. Maybe give them a shot?

  3. Eek! On many counts. I was wondering if another square block in the corners would help but look purposeful? This is why I’m afraid of quilting!

  4. Not sure how much you need, but you could always have the wood custom milled to match what you have. A decent custom cabinetry manufacturer can bust out many trim profiles with very little effort. It simply depends on them being able to charge you enought to make it worth your while.

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