After last weekend’s day worth of sunny and almost 80, Seattle’s desire for summer is reverberating. And yet, Friday around 5:30 pm this happened (why does it always choose to snow at rush hour?):

It all melted overnight, but then on Saturday afternoon, we got round two. Here’s a photo of the front yard, with all of the fallen blossoms littering the ground around the bush in the front yard – they didn’t seem to appreciate Friday’s snow.

When it started snowing again this morning, I didn’t even bother to go take more photos. Instead, here’s the snow from Friday, accumulating on the kitchen window. Such a cozy sight.

And now, that’s quite enough of a good thing. We’re all convinced. It snows in Seattle. And now it’s REALLY time for summer.

2 thoughts on “Snow?”

  1. I’m loving seeing all of your spring flowers = what a pretty assortment! And I’m wishing you snow-free viewing of them from now on!!

  2. Hey Susan- The house looks like it’s really coming together.

    I’ve tagged you in a MEME…

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