Purple Circle Sweater

Before we left for Ohio, I finally cast on for the Sunrise Circle Jacket. (You can see it here if you’re not on Ravelry and don’t mind scrolling.) It’s been sitting in my Ravelry queue for ages. I debated on the yarn – I had some Cascade 220 Superwash in my stash from Fall 2005. I’d bought it for a sweater in Vogue Knitting that ended up having too much errata, and the color didn’t appeal to me for any other pattern. It’s still not my favourite color, but I’m rather pleased about the idea of actually using it instead of leaving it in the closet to hang over my head. (I’m not a large-stash person, and the fun of buying new yarn is greatly diminished when I already have plenty at home.)

The back was awesome plane knitting, and the I’ve been working on it during Red Sox and football games. Nearly done and ready for the next piece!

(Sorry for the misshapen photo – it’s curling like you wouldn’t believe. Also, note fall leaves from the neighbours’ birch tree!) My stitch gauge is perfect, but my row gauge is giving me trouble – I’m a bit worried how it’s going to affect all of those short rows on the front…

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