Productive Sunday

We got up early-ish for a Sunday (10, to listen to the Eagles game). I worked on un-taping the MBR, which quickly spread to vacuuming, and then all out cleaning. Kevin helped me get the bed and mattress back in shape, and assembled our new coffee table (pictures soon!!).

The bright and sunny morning deteriorated around 1, so Kevin went out to work on the the roof and gutters before the rains came, and I went out to rake the lawn. The skies held and we got hours of yard cleanup in before it got dark.

My raking:

The leaves are only half down, but it makes such a difference to have the patio and grass clear!

We still have tons of wood on the patio (a co-worker may be picking it up) — perhaps it will kill some of that moss?? In the meantime, here’s the Sunrise Circle Jacket progress:

I’ve had to redo the math on the sleeves, and I didn’t have a chance to get to the math on the jacket fronts before I needed some mindless knitting, so I put the first sleeve on a holder for the moment and started the second.

The purple in these photos is still way brighter than the yarn — think more of an eggplant.

Here’s Kevin up on the roof, happy with his blower.

Isn’t this photo sort of deja vu?? Amazing how all of the needles pile up in just a few weeks.

I’m glad that we did all of the work — we’re about halfway through the leaf and needle season, but it’s too dark to do any of this after work, and we’ll be gone for most of the Thanksgiving week. I’d rather leave knowing that our gutters are clear and the lawn is happy, especially after all of the rain we’ve been having. 🙂

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