Visiting Sharon

We started out our Pennsylvania trip with a visit to my sister’s new apartment in Philly. I loved being there. We didn’t get to see Sharon’s last apartment in DC, so I’d last seen her place three years ago and this was a completely different experience. Combine her great sense of style with a creaky, wonderful , light-filled east coast apartment with old-fashioned, quirky heating and N layers of paint… Kevin kept looking my way and catching me mid-grin. I loved it.

We combined good eating with a healthy amount of downtime. Shar was very busy with schoolwork, so we napped and read and knit while she worked on some of her cases.

Perfect for the day after a redeye. We kept interupting each other with random bits of thought – here’s Sharon cracking up to Jim Gaffigan on youtube.

We went to the panini and gelatto place around the corner for lunch, Monk for dinner (a return visit for me and Kevin! Neat!), and a neat French/modern place for brunch the next morning. A church nearby had bells that rang frequently (my mom would have known the names of the hymns, but my brain just hummed along with the notes and couldn’t quite remember the words). Lots of city sounds at night, and we woke to cheering for the Philadelphia marathon.

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