At this point we have a semi-long list of furniture for the house that we’re keeping an eye out for. We still have money from wedding gifts that we would like to spend on it, but the problem has been finding furniture we like in the proper dimensions. I cruise the local furniture stores pretty regularly, but keep not finding the perfect kitchen table, cabinet to store games and puzzles for the family room, side table for the family room, DVD shelf for the hallway, or cabinet/dresser for our closet.

In a change of fate, we found two Craigslist items off the list in under two weeks. First of all, a cabinet for our bedroom:

I was having a hard time envisioning what could go in the space. A dresser would be more traditional but we don’t need dresser-style storage. The combination of one drawer and then the adjustable shelf inside seems ideal for storing sweaters, blankets, pillows, etc or things in baskets. Nice and flexible and while the color isn’t necessarily what I was picturing initially, it fits perfectly with the shelves in the closet and looks surprisingly coordinated.

Our second find was a kitchen table. We were pretty set on white legs and a blond top, with matching white and blond Windsor chairs. I’ve been just missing perfect examples on Craigslist for months. This table was a little bit smaller that we were hoping for (38” vs. 42”), and it has folding sides, but it only cost $30 and we’re quite pleased with it.

That big window is one of the brightest spots in the house in the afternoon, and it’s nice to have a spot to sit and work and soak in whatever light is out there. The stools and side table were already there, and we’ll leave them for now.

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