More ringing out the old

Kevin did good work this afternoon removing the old vanity from the bathroom!

It’s so nice to have it gone. There’s an older layer of vinyl flooring underneath, but it can stay an archeological curiosity, since the new vanity will cover it completely. Whew. (The state of the floor was one of the great unknowns, since replacing it would necessitate moving the toilet, which wasn’t on the list. It’s a huge relief that there wasn’t some terrible problem lurking under there.) So now, a bit more wall repair (probably about five days worth, with the spackling x3, texturing, and primer coat), then we can paint our yet-undecided color, and put up the new vanity, mirror, and medicine cabinet!! If we’re speedy, it will probably be a 2-3 week project? Fingers crossed.

One thought on “More ringing out the old”

  1. Nice to see the floor was in tact. I remember taking wallpaper off only to find two layers beneath.

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