Kevin vs. the Moss, rounds 1 & 2

After months of growing increasingly irritated at the moss, Kevin began the war to eradicate it. First he tried spraying zinc sulphate, and when that wasn’t lethal enough he switched to an ammoniated soaps and fatty acids solution.

I’m pretty ambivalent about this phase of the project (the moss is so green, and I’m not really a spraying chemicals person), but I’m considering it a trial for our roof which desperately needs moss relief. The chemical-free solution (scrubbing with a wire brush) isn’t really an option for the shingles.

Several days later, the moss is distinctly dead in some patches and distinctly flourishing in others.

The colors in this photo are particularly true – the moss is thicker and greener than the lawn at this point.

You have to be impressed at its tenacity.

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