Most mornings, we woke up at dawn to the loud groaning/roaring of a howler monkey right above our roof. He was gone by the time we emerged from our room, but I was so delighted to get to see him in the tree above the B&B entrance one of the afternoons.

Our shower was another interesting viewing spot for creatures. It was open to the sky, and one wall held a planter with all sorts of leafy plants.

I was very leery of seeing enormous spiders (we didn’t see one all trip – yay), but we saw all sorts of other interesting insect eaters. The first night, there was a gecko chirping away. The second night, I turned on the foot hose to wash off the deet and sand on my legs before bed, and a bright yellow frog used my knee and arm as a launch pad before clinging to the wall. Luckily I saw him before the shock of the motion had fully registered. When I was a teenager, I’d papered the walls of my room with photos from National Geographic, including many tropical frogs. This guy looked exactly the part – bright golden yellow, and he stuck around long enough to be admired before crawling up the wall into a leafy hiding spot.

Our welcome packet warned that crabs find their way into the rooms, especially the showers, but we weren’t entirely disappointed that the only ones we saw were on the beach.

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