PA trip, part 1

Our east coast trip was wonderful. The first portion was a trip home to see Kevin’s family for his sister’s graduation. For Nursing, there’s a pinning ceremony (which we attended — a happy, proud celebration for her nursing class) and a college graduation, which Kristina decided to skip. We have plenty of great photos from the pinning. Here’s Kristina and my in-laws beforehand:

In between graduation festivities, Kevin and his dad spent the first few days working on re-staining the deck. They did great work, and then Thursday was sunny and gorgeous so we all spent the day outside enjoying it. We’ve had a handful of beautiful days so far in Seattle, but nothing that compares to east coast summer weather.

We made a few pilgrimages to Dunkin Donuts. No photos, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Lots of time was also devoted to trying to let Kevin’s family feel the baby kick. He gets very quiet when I’m talking or moving a lot, and so it was hard to stay settled enough so that he’d really get going when other people were around. Increasingly, I can feel body parts pushing out, but it’s hard to decide what they are exactly (a knee? a foot?), and unless he moves other people usually can’t feel what I’m talking about. We had lots of failed kicking attempts, like this one:

I was so pleased that on the last evening everyone finally got to feel squirming and kicking.

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