Cute stacks of diapers

Our box of cloth diapers arrived! This is 33 size small Fuzzibunz, and six extra hemp inserts for overnight:

They are really the cutest little things, and they feel great. Here’s one all snapped up:

There’s a whole grid of snaps on the front, and the plan is that these should last somewhere past six months, and then we can move up to the medium size which last many kids through toilet training. This brand seems to get the most kudos for fitting babies regardless of how chunky or skinny they are (hopefully all of the online reviews are right), and I’m so glad that they have snaps and not velcro for all of the laundering.

The outside is some sort of PUL fabric (it’s coated on the inside but feels quite lovely and soft on the outside) in pretty colors, and then the inside is fleece.

This style is called a pocket diaper, because there’s an opening in the top of the back where you put an insert (the ones that come with it are terry and microfiber, but you can use others as well, like our hemp ones). As they’re used, you separate the insert and cover and put both in the diaper pail. Then after the laundry is done, you put the inserts back in and they’re ready to wear again. (Somewhat time-consuming, but I wonder if that will become something we barely notice or if we’ll begrudge the effort?)

We’ll use disposables until we’re past the umbilical cord stage, then switch to these. I’m all pleased that they’re washed and ready to go – it felt like one of the last remaining things that needed to be taken care of.

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  1. These are quite amazing! And very pretty. ( : Far cry from the days of white cotton and pins!

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