Father-son time

Kevin’s been doing such a great job keeping things running, taking care of errands, and ferrying food and beverages to the nursing chair. He’s also been in documenting mode:

It’s so wonderful to me to watch the two of them together, and to suddenly see Kevin stepping into his role as a father.

Other big milestones today included his first bath in the kitchen sink, and first haircut (just around the ears and back of the head). I was expecting outrage, but he was actually exceptionally calm through both and didn’t start crying until after it was over. Definitely helps that the kitchen window is so warm and there are all sorts of interesting things (bars, sky) to look at!

One thought on “Father-son time”

  1. Hi Susan and Kevin,
    He is adorable. Can’t wait to meet him someday. Would love to have the password so I can continue to know him online. Will understand if you don’t want to hand it out though.

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