Cute in the handknits

The sweaters I knit are starting to fit, even if the shoulders are still way too big and make him look like a little linebacker.

We joked that he looks like an old man in it – all he needs is a pipe and an armchair by the fire. Also too cute from the back:

That collar is something of a mixed blessing. When we have him in the moby, it folds up and keeps his neck warm. But when he’s hungry, it’s practically cruel to have something that tantalizingly close to his cheek.

3 thoughts on “Cute in the handknits”

  1. He is SO CUTE!!! And really looks like dad!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. It looks like you’re doing plenty of posting to me! I agree, time is going by so fast. I can’t believe Max is a month old. Once he hits 2 months, and is awake much of the day, I won’t be getting ANYTHING done, I’m sure :-).

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