What do Lions say? Rooaaar!

The lion costume was finished in time for work Halloween, but we didn’t get photos until Sunday. (It seemed like he’d be happier in the Moby wrap in his pumpkin hat than in full Halloween getup for a few hours, so I brought the costume and baby separately and everyone though he was cute in his hat and cute that the costume wasn’t on. Hard to go wrong when there’s a baby smiling at people — the ultimate distraction.)

He had been low on naps, coupled with a nice full stomach, and so he was out by the time I got him into the costume.

Oblivious kiddo with a hood/mane, tail and little paws:

Snoozing with Grammy while I looked at Kevin’s baby books:

Then more snoozing with Pop-Pop and Great Grandmom (perhaps this should be his standard outfit when it’s time for a nap?? Seems to have a soporific effect…).

Must have been an exhausting day on the savannah. Finally, the little lion woke up.

And delighted everyone with the cuteness.

3 thoughts on “What do Lions say? Rooaaar!”

  1. I’ve been waiting to see pictures of his Lion costume – absolutely adorable!! What a clever design – it’s almost as cute as he is. ( :

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