A lot going on

For the last year or so, I’ve been living an organized existence where I generally only have one thing on the needles at a time. I have a good 70+ items in my ravelry queue, but I’ve been pretty much finishing one thing completely before starting the next. And then after the pumpkin hat, I lost my knitting vibe and moved on to sewing projects for a bit.

So I don’t know exactly what hit me in the last week or two, but suddenly my knitting looks like this:

Those projects are:

  • (green) A cabled Pembroke vest, size 6 months, for the kiddo. I’m on row 15 of the chart — about a fifth of the way through the back. Initially I was thinking this would be a good Thanksgiving outfit, but I would have to get so little sleep for that to happen that I’ve let go of that goal.
  • (blue) The Yarn Harlot cowl — actual knitting for me!! I’m on row 13 of 61.
  • (brown) Some Saartje bootees. We’re going to a wedding over Thanksgiving, and it seemed to me that it would be nice if H had little shoes to match his outfit. The yarn is Koigu (my first time knitting with it ever! A purchase from our rainy excursion to Bainbridge last weekend), and it’s lovely. Even at 7 st/inch, these are fast, fast. I’m even knitting them in the round so the finishing will be almost nonexistent. The only pity is that I need buttons and don’t have any on hand, so I’ll have to motivate out to the button store at some point this weekend. I’m on row 2 of the second bootee, still need to crochet the loops and weave in two ends on the first guy.
  • (still-skeined yarn) This will be a replacement for the pumpkin hat, which will only be seasonally appropriate for two more weeks (sad). I found a teddy bear hat on Ravelry which isn’t QUITE as cute but comes close. I’m saving this one for our thanksgiving trip back east, since it’s mindless 1×1 ribbing followed by mindless stockinette and everything else I’m working on is lace, cables or row-by-row. But I’ll swatch before we leave so that I can bring the proper needles.

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