Quick knitting update

The bootees were quick to knit and then I ran out of time to buy buttons. Oops. Had to resort to plan B, which was sewing the straps to the shoes instead of buttoning them. They were adorable and perfect for the wedding, but I still intend to find buttons soonish and sew them on properly.

I’ve been knitting and knitting away on the Pembroke vest, and finally finished the back.

It was a relief to be done, since I realized that I only have one set of #7 needles and I thought I needed them for H’s bear hat. Of course, after swatching it became apparent that #5s were a better size, but it was still nice to have made progress. I love the cables, have completely come around to the color, and am enjoying the pattern, but (and this is a huge “but”) it looks like the back will fit for another few moments, tops. I’ve been sitting and mulling whether it makes sense to frog, without actually having held the vest back up to the baby yet… Sometimes it’s better not to have definitive proof.

Meanwhile, the bear hat is zooming along and incredibly satisfying. I’ve never knit with this texture yarn before – the nubblyness is slightly tiringfor my hands but it’s attractive and different, and I’m enjoying the mindless rounds of knit stitch after a lot of recent lace and cables and counting.

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  1. How did your vest come out? I”m knitting the six month size as well. Done with the front and back but I don’t like the stair-step of the shoulder. It’s making it hard to seam.

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