It’s been dark here, alternating between drizzling and raining all week. I forgot my water bottle in my car, went out to get it on Saturday morning while Kevin had waffles on the griddle, and noticed this:

Tulips!!! See?

I can’t remember when I planted these. I feel like I dumped a ton into the ground around the same time that I planted the daffodils on the side of the house, but the daffodils came up last spring and I thought these had all been eaten by squirrels.

The bed is about 5’x 2’ next to our front walk, so it’s so great to see these every time I leave for work or come back. I wonder if they’ll get enough light to bloom? (These photos were taken around 11 am – Jamuary plus drizzle equals dark, flashy photos at the brightest point of the day. At least it isn’t December!!)

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