Pants! (Almost)

I stopped by the craft store today to buy ribbon, and noticed a display of dishtowels. For some reason (and despite needing another project like I need a hole in the head), they looked like the perfect material for baby pants, so I chose a bunch and brought them home. H got a few new pairs of 6-12 mos or 9 mos pants for Christmas, but all of his 6 month ones have suddenly turned into capris, so it’s a timely project. I decided to make lined pants with an elastic waist. I used one of the pairs that currently fits to cut the pieces.

I love the linings (from my stash, no less) and I think I did a really nice job sewing them in. The sewing was easy but I didn’t pay good attention on the first pair and had to rip out 6 of the eleven seams. Dumb mistakes. The second pair flew, but the machine woke up H (oops). I got him settled back on the couch and then gave up for the night with only one pair done.

The only sad part is that they of course don’t fit – too narrow at the top. I’m mulling possible fixes – a panel down each of the sides of the legs would do it. The only question is whether to go buy more dishcloths, or to substitute something (fabric? ribbon?).

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