Playing along

I have been steadily planting bulbs for the last two years. Last spring, the result was underwhelming – a few listless daffodils. But I got so much enjoyment out of that paltry showing, and planted tons more bulbs last fall. They all starting cropping up about three weeks ago along with the ones from two years ago that never came up, and I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying the steady growth and anticipation of blooms. These are pictures from Valentine’s day – each of the sixteen photos is a different spot in the yard. (And it turns out that I missed one, because the mini daffodils in the rock wall suddenly bloomed on Tuesday!)

My very favorites right now are the bulbs outside our bedroom window, because they’re the first thing I see in the morning, and the increasingly full garden of tulips along the path to the front door.

Other fun signs of spring:
The elephant ears in the rock wall are blooming pink. This is definitely their most attractive time of year.

The pathetic forsythia (that lives under the pine trees and doesn’t get anywhere close to enough light) is blooming a bit!

Due to the sparseness of the buds, this one is best appreciated from less than a yard away. At least the flowers look pretty next to the red holly berries, although seeing such an early spring flower next to such a Decemberish plant is kind of jarring.

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